Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wrap Front Nightgown

Went to the Hancock Pattern sale and picked up a new pattern I'm excited about -- I have been wanting to try a "wrap front" style and didn't have a pattern and when I saw this nightgown pattern I had to have it. The whole thing from cracking open the pattern, cutting it out, picking fabrics, and finishing the whole project took only 2 it is quick. This is McCalls 5744 and I WILL be using it again. not just for nightgowns, for shirts too...I am very pleased with this - even though we are not big Hannah Montanna fans, she will love this color and the butterflies...can't wait to give it to her in the morning.

I only had one blunder. Only a fellow sewing addict will have any idea what I am talking about -- I was supposed to use double fold bias tape and instead made single fold bias tape and didn't feel like going back to fix the problem so I applied it to the inside of the fabric, folded it to the outside and sewed it down (it's the dark purple) - basically the same thing you do the sleeveless tops but time I'll try to use the right stuff and maybe it will end up a little more "perfect" looking.

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The Turner's said...

So cute and trendy!! I know she will love it!