Monday, January 19, 2009

Dad's Pool Table Cover

For Christmas I gave my dad a card with fabric samples stapled in it for him to choose the one he liked for a new pool table cover. He picked this one (it was my favorite too!) and here is the result.

I had to piece it together with the full width of the fabric along the middle and about a foot wide strip piece on both sides (left and right in the picture)but when I laid it out I had to feel the darned thing with my hands to find the seam. Cool how the fabric totally hid it for me...I used a dinner plate from the kitchen cabinet to cut the curved edge. I'll post pictures of it on the pool table after I deliver it...he is going to LOVE it. His old one was 1970's gold...velvet...yum. Merry Christmas Dad!


Mom/Dad Owens said...

Looks Great - Hope it lasts as long as the Gold Velvet one! I know he will love it. mom

tcmoniz said...

You are amazing! This looks wonderful!

Jnet said...

Put it on the pool table yesterday and it looks perfect!