Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sport Ball Themed Pocket Blanket - SUPER fast & easy!

You can sew a rectangle on three sides to make a nice pocket for little feet when they cover up with this blanket.

OR ... You can turn it over, fold into thirds, then little folds up to the rectangle and when you flip it inside out, you have a pillow...

Red & Black Travel Jewelry Pouch

From the pattern you can find here.
I haven't decided who's getting these for Christmas.
Pictured here shut tight for travel:

They are drawstring bags that open flat. You can store smaller jewelry items in the 6 wedged shaped pockets or larger pieces in the middle of the pouch. I made these several years ago for some ladies in my family. I finally came across some satin to make these.
Here's how they look opened up:

Denim Baby Shoes

First of all, here's a link to the pattern if you are interested.

Here is an "in-progress" picture of the baby shoes made out of my old pair of jeans.
I used purple fleece as the sole lining for comfort. Here are the finished shoes. (I made two pairs)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Colonial day at school. Dress pattern is

Simplicity 5483. I used an old bed sheet as the fabric for the dress. The sheet had the long eyelet on it already so I didn't have to embellish that by hand. She wanted an apron, so we found some lacy fabric to be her apron as this pattern yields a very loose fitting dress. She refused to even wear a bonnet so I didn't waste my time making one.

Halloween Veterenarian

Veterenarian costume for my daughter. From a pajama pattern. My other daughter wore it on "Hometown Hero" day at school too.