Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beach Dresses (as promised)

Here are the "Beach Dresses II" by Ginger Snaps Designs - It is on their main page just scroll down. The beach dresses shown here and the float dresses shown in my earlier post are the exact same pattern just with or without a collar. The first one (blue float dress) took me several hours to construct but these took about two uninterupted hours to get finished each. These are size 2...I always add a couple of inches to the hem so they probably look long. I had to alter the pattern to make it have a self lined bodice. These have that back where you slash the center of the back of the skirt (no seam there) and create a placket with a bias strip -- I used to be scared of this process, but I finally figured out how to hold it all and it worked perfectly. Anyway, a fun pattern to try. I look forward to doing more of these. The white one is made with a thin "swiss dot" fabric that I can just picture a little curly haired girl wearing on the beach, and the pink is made with that fabulious pique fabric that Debra sent me...I hope she likes these! You can see what she does with them at her website Palmetto Kids


Tracy A. said...

Ooh! I like these! They're so airy! Will be perfect for summer!!

Erica said...

Hi! I just purchased the pattern for this dress the other day, and after reading it over it seems pretty confusing. I love the way that your dresses turned out. Did you find the pattern to be confusing? I can tell that you are a more experienced sewer that I am. I just hope that I am able to have as much success with the pattern as you have.

Jnet said...

I didn't do this pattern as described in the instructions. I wanted a lined bodice instead of the bias strips for the sleeve and neck bands so I altered the pattern and instructions -- good luck! It isn't too bad because you don't have to set in sleeves or insert a zipper...but there are a LOT of instructions -- I'd say, more than you really need if you know how to sew at all.