Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Resolution

I NEVER make new year's resolutions, but I think this one is important enough to do -- and if I write it here maybe I'll be so ashamed of myself that I will have to do it to redeem myself as a responsible adult...My husband and I need a will...there, I said is something we have been talking around doing for about 8 years and I am putting it right here for everyone to see so now I have to do it...remind me and send me suggestions for lawyers (to you locals) and make me do this...whew, it feels good just getting it out there.

If you are a fellow blogger, get your new year's resolution in black and white, I'll be your nag and make you do yours too.


KTluv said...

Oooooh, that is one I need to do too! I have been thinking about it for just as long. We definitely need to nag each other. Thanks for the comment btw and for checking in!

Mom/Dad Owens said...

Once you have a child you HAVE to have a will and you are years behind on making one up. Hop to it!
When you were born I went alone to a lawyer and had ours made up and your dad dropped by after they had it typed up and signed it. Added your sister to it when she was born, it's not hard to do, no need to put it off any longer.