Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Haircuts and New Dresses

I have had this fabric for several months, but was scared to cut it -- today I took the plunge and made these two dresses. It is a very soft corduroy that cost an arm and a leg. I am pleased with the way the dresses turned out -- and they look good with the new haircuts we got today too. They have a pretty brown microcheck as the lining, and an invisible zipper back closure.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Striped Christmas Skirts

These Christmas skirts are too cute! I started by measuring my daughters' waists and then added about 10-14 inches to that measurement to know the width of the skirt. I then measured from their waist to their knees to get the length. No pattern, just a straight skirt with a waistband. The black trim is that eyelash crochet thread -- I just made a chain stitch and zig zagged it onto the seam area where I joined the ruffle. I LOVE these and wish I were quirky enough to pull one off myself!

I think they will look good with any black, white, red, or green shirt they have already in the closet.

Well, now that that it out of my system, I guess I'll have to work on work stuff a while. bah humbug, just when I started having fun.

Circles Mary De smocked top - Finished

Finished this up tonight. Mary De dress in size 8 shortened to be a top. Front view on teh left, back view on the right. We already had the pants in the closet. I thought I should go with a simple geometric on the top since she is getting bigger now, and the fabric is busy enough anyway. She LOVES it and can't wait to wear it to school Tuesday...she said she can't wear it tomorrow because she has art and doesn't want to risk getting markers or paint on it. I guess she does like it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm smocking!

I just got inspired the other night and am making a "Mary De" top out out of a neat black and white fabric. Here's the sneek peek: