Monday, March 31, 2008

Cheetah Girls 3 tiered Skirt

Simplicity 4206

I used the skirt and the shorts out of this pattern envelope to make this skirt. I assembled the shorts and separately assembled the skirt, both all the way until they wanted you to create the waist elastic casing -- then sewed them together at the waist, created a casing and inserted the elastic, closed it up and viola, I have a true skirt with shorts on the inside.
I think this will not work for just any skirt/shorts pattern, they have to the exactly the same size around the waist to be able to sew them together (or you could use a knit and stretch it to make it work!).

This was a fun cheetah Girls fabric from my friend Tracy -- I have just enough fabric left to make the sleeves of the shirt in this same pattern envelope (view B) but I want to choose just the right fabric for the bodice -- something funky...It may take me a while to find just the right thing to make this shirt, but the skirt turned out awesome!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pink & Black Smocked top and Polka dot Capris

FiINALLY finished this one. I made them both from scratch -- every stitch!
I tried to get my daughter to model it for some photos but she wanted to go outside and play on the dirt mountains daddy has piled up out there digging the foundation for our house...where are her priorities?!?!
I found a cute crown pattern to smock on the top and then did some geometrics on the back from the same pattern -- i think it is called princess crowns by Francis M Jones
Anyway, the top was constructed from a pinafore pattern, shortened to make it a long shirt and I didn't add the little angel sleeve thingamabobs. the capris are super cute too, (I think they were from simplicity 3749) they have little slits on the outside ankle area that are opened up to where I applied the grograin ribbon trim. I think this is a "posh" outfit and I can not wait for my little girl to wear it to church this weekend!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I didn't make this

My friend Tracy made these sundresses for my girls (and her daughter) so they can all match -- she also cut out the capris but ran out of time to sew them so she sent them home with me after I visited her over spring break. All I had to do was hem the dress up a bit for my oldest daughter (it was a little short on her) to turn it into a long (to the bottom of her bootie) shirt and then assemble the capris that Tracy cut out for her and we got this cute outfit. I am thinking of adding an orange strip of ribbon around the tie the pieces together -- they are both seersucker -- so very comfortable! I left my youngest daughter's dress long so they will coordinate without being exactly the same -- this top is made from that pre-elasticized seersucker you get at your local walmart -- the girls LOVED this fabric! (Click the image for a closeup)

I can't tell you how nice it felt for someone to sew for my girls -- what a gift from the heart Tracy!

Pink Froggy Shirt and Capris

I made these last year, but they were too big for my youngest and too small for my eldest, but I hope we get to wear them a couple of times this year -- I was out of town last week for spring break and today is the first day I think my brain came home from the holiday -- I hope to have even more crafts posted soon, I finally decided what to smock on that black top with the pink polka dot capris -- You're going to love it!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Recycle Old Christmas Cards into Crochet Embellished Ornaments

My mom used to make these when I was a kid so the pattern and idea were from her.

You take all of your old Christmas cards and cut a circle out of the pretty part (I used a drinking glass for the circle so I could "see through" to get just the picture I wanted). You'll need two circles of the same size to make an ornament.

I used a little bit of glue stick to hold them together while I hole punched all the way around. Make sure you have them both oriented the same way -- you know, head up and feet down...

Then using that thin cotton thread, Starting at the top of the ornament, I double crocheted three times in each hole for the first round...thn chained like 6 times for each loop on the second round grabbing the space between the 3 dc clusters with a single crochet -- At the end I chained like 20 or 30 times and joined back to the beginning stitches to create the loop you hang the ornament by.

After all of the crochet is finished, you mix a little white elmer's glue with water and just dab on a little with your fingers on the crocheted area to stiffen it up a little bit -- shape and let dry.

This ornament will be two sided so you won't have a "back". I made these for everyone on my "good" list last year...

Email me if you have any could really get elaborate with the lacy design around the edges, but I had to make a LOT of these so I just did the two rounds.

Another note, when my mom made them years ago, she changed colors on each round (white, green, red) but I chose all white for mine.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Two Sister Nightgowns Reconstructed from an old Bed Spread

My mother found an old light bedspread in my grandmother's linen closet and I knew just what to do with it. It already had lace running the length of the spread and also around the "hem" of the bedspread. I actually didn't have to do any lace attaching for this project. All I had to do was "fussy cut" my patterns onto the fabric so that the lace would be in just the right spots (front matching back and all) -- the bedspread was very thin and soft and the lace is very soft too.

My girls LOVE these night gowns and they are always the first ones they wear when they come out of the laundry

Pattern for the shorter one Size 4 : Simplicity 4206 (modified to add length)

Pattern for the longer one Size 7 : McCalls 3679 (must be out of print because I couldn't find a link at mccalls site)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Make your own Luggage Tags

Aren't these cool? Maybe with a monogram on one side and a cool fabric on the other -- You'd be able to find your luggage at the airport!

Will's Bib

Free Pattern at:

I found a free baby bib pattern and it is EASY!!! I made this as a baby gift for a friend -- I think it turned out really nice -- very masculine with the flannel right? This is the front and back view of the finished bib B from the pattern, it is reversable -- and I just hammered on a snap -- I love these.

Linen Jon Jon/Shortalls with Monogram

Made this for a friend at church for her son to wear Easter Morning -- she handed me the fabric yesterday afternoon so it came together rather quickly. I would definitely recommend trying this one even for a beginner!!!
She got this linen looking blend fabric at Hancock. You can roll it up in a ball and then it still wouldn't wrinkle! I used pattern McCalls 2033 (Thank you Tracy A for this pattern!) for the shortalls/Jon Jons in a size 3. I embroidered his name in a plain block font with the smaller letters 1 inch and the larger one 2 inches tall. Also used up two of the buttons in my random buttons drawer...I love buttons!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tag Detail on Gauchos

I wanted to include a Tag Detail that I may have written about before -- when you make homemade pants and sometimes shirts, it is hard to tell which is the back and front so I always try to include a tag in the waistband on the back. My girls love getting to pick the little loop of ribbon that I just sew into the seam of the waistband. Otherwise it is almost impossible to tell the front from the back of homemade pants! I used the LLBean tag that I ripped from teh seam of the overalls/jumper to make these 6 year old thought that was "cool"

Gauchos Reconstructed from Adult Overall Jumper

I had an old jumper dress (size adult L) styled like overalls at the top that I paid a good price for years ago from LL Bean. I hadn't worn it in years (too teacher looking) so I decided I had to use this high quality denim for something wonderful. I used pattern Simplicity 4206 to make some size 6 pants for my daughter to wear to school -- she's already worn them several times and they are about as comfortable as could be.

I didn't take a photo of my old jumper before so I took a photo of what was left! I am waiting for inspiration of what to do with the top -- maybe a purse, maybe an apron...We'll see what I come up with!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Yellow & Lavender Spring Outfit

My daughter was hamming it up for the camera in her new outfit. I cut it out last night and made it today -- The pattern seemed to run a little large -- I took it in on the center back seam, and just eliminated the zipper, she can easily slip it over her head so why fuss with a zipper?!?

I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner, the straps were not
hard, just tedious...but I think it was well worth the effort...Her fave color is yellow so she is delighted!

McCalls 5572

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ready to Sock Sundress or Shirt Toile Fabric

These look so nice as a sundress or as a long top with capris...if anyone wants it, let me know, it is size 6/7 and from the top of the shoulder to the hem it is 30 inches -- NOTE: it is not hemmed so you can make it a long shirt or sundress depending on the hem you do -- it is identical on the front and back and has 7 rows of pleating on it. Side seams are serged - I think this one is for Ebay...but I'm willing to part with it if anyone wants it now -- Make me an offer I can't refuse!

I do have enough fabric to make one for you still, Tracy A -- This is the style I recommend for P.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Laura's Blue Easter Dresses

Sister Dresses for you Laura!

Ready to smock size 6 mos and 2 with added length to the Allie's Diaper Set short dress/shirt pattern by B&B.

I bet they are going to be beautiful after you smock them!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Mirabelle & Molly

Don't Mirabelle & Molly look nice in their sundresses?

Jordy Purse Pattern thanks Craftster

I kinda used a Jordy purse pattern I found on I just made it where you cut it out on the fold of the fabric so you don't have a seam running across the bottom of the fabric...This is the pattern I used for Caitlin's Purse -- Feel free to use it to make your own purses!

Caitlin's Purse

My eldest daughter is going to Caitlin's birthday party this weekend coming, and I whipped up a purse for the gift last night (after going downtown and enjoying "Fiddler on the Roof" - awesome!) I had the fabric left over from making her capris and used the leftover black from the shirt as the lining. Used the stiffest interfacing in my stash, so the purse has a nice feel. For my daughter's I threw some fancy trim on the top seam from my cousin Tracy (Thanks!!!!!) and machine embroidered their names on one side. I think the girls are going to love them!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tip for Elastic for button loops or purse closures

The next time you buy a pair of shoes at walmart or any other discount store that sells them elasticized together with that nice, long round elastic cord - save it. It makes the best button loops -- and it is much more stretchy than the package you buy.

Or next time you're making a purse, sew a loop of elastic on one side of the purse when you close up that last seam across the top...and a decorative button on the other side...and you have an instant purse closure...Some people also use hair elastics for this purpose...I'm cheap, and it's free!

I Quit on this one

I already removed the smocking threads from this one and then decided to keep working on it, but I have to stop now...I added some backsmocking in the blank area and another row of cables, but will forgo the flowers I was going to try in the blank area -- I made two and then ripped them back off -- maybe later I can feel motivated on it and will add some more glitz, but for now, I quit.

I think that extra row of cables anchors the top to the bottom, so it looks more finished now, and I am ready to work on something else -- those pink & black polka dot pants to be more specific. This may serve as my older daughter's Easter dress this year -- she really likes it

Ready to Smock Sz 6 Top

I am pairing this top with a pair of pink with black polka dot capri pants and smocking the shirt in a geometric pink -- haven't picked a pattern/plate to smock on it yet -- any suggestions?

I also am thinking of adding some hot pink fringe to the top somewhere and some black fringe somewhere on the pants -- won't this be CUTE!?!

This pattern is actually a "Pinafore" pattern by Grace Knott (thanks kim!), I just didn't add the angel sleeve part. It has no buttons, elastic, zippers, but has quite a bit of hand sewing -- so the pattern is simple, but not fast. The front and back are identical so it just slips over the head - fits nice and loosely on my 6 1/2 year old -- I hemmed it to just below the butt to show off the capris (which I haven't even started on yet.) This pattern is very similar to the pattern called "Amy" by Children's corner...but not exactly the same.