Sunday, April 18, 2010

Purse of Shame - Shot Gun Shell Pouch

This is a booby prize my husband asked me to make. His hunting club has a "spring blast" party where they all shoot skeet all afternoon and whoever does the worst used to get a fishing pole, but now they have this lovely "purse of shame." It is worn as a belt to hold their shotgun shells while shooting. I used lovely supergirl fabric to line it and a nice combination of lace and ribbon to dress it up just right. My husband was so excited about bringing it to work to hand off to the biggest is too bad that he ended up being the loser! He will have to bring it back next year and pass it on to next year's recipient!

Crochet Earrings

Well dear little sister, I couldn't wait for you to come visit next week to show me your earrings...I just had to make some myself. They took about 30 minutes to make...LOVE IT!

Here's a link to my sister's project...

Here's a link to the pattern...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pajamas from a sheet

My youngest daughter's favorite sheets got a hole in them that was not repairable so I promised to make her pajamas from the sheet before I tossed it. Nice soft Jersey -- pink with white polka dots. It is Comfy! Butterick 4383

New Dress

I made a dress for my older daughter to wear Easter morning...Yes, I made it the night before Easter and it only took 3 hours from getting out the fabric to a finished product.

I Love this pattern for many reasons, it is fast, cute, comfortable, no zipper or buttons, and it has pockets in the side seam. Added about 2 inches to the length so it would reach her knees. Simplicity 3513

It was a "sewing emergency" ...when the other one I made her turned out WAY to big!