Thursday, March 13, 2008

Two Sister Nightgowns Reconstructed from an old Bed Spread

My mother found an old light bedspread in my grandmother's linen closet and I knew just what to do with it. It already had lace running the length of the spread and also around the "hem" of the bedspread. I actually didn't have to do any lace attaching for this project. All I had to do was "fussy cut" my patterns onto the fabric so that the lace would be in just the right spots (front matching back and all) -- the bedspread was very thin and soft and the lace is very soft too.

My girls LOVE these night gowns and they are always the first ones they wear when they come out of the laundry

Pattern for the shorter one Size 4 : Simplicity 4206 (modified to add length)

Pattern for the longer one Size 7 : McCalls 3679 (must be out of print because I couldn't find a link at mccalls site)

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The Turner's said...

These are both beautiful! I look forward to the hand-me-downs! :)