Friday, March 28, 2008

Pink & Black Smocked top and Polka dot Capris

FiINALLY finished this one. I made them both from scratch -- every stitch!
I tried to get my daughter to model it for some photos but she wanted to go outside and play on the dirt mountains daddy has piled up out there digging the foundation for our house...where are her priorities?!?!
I found a cute crown pattern to smock on the top and then did some geometrics on the back from the same pattern -- i think it is called princess crowns by Francis M Jones
Anyway, the top was constructed from a pinafore pattern, shortened to make it a long shirt and I didn't add the little angel sleeve thingamabobs. the capris are super cute too, (I think they were from simplicity 3749) they have little slits on the outside ankle area that are opened up to where I applied the grograin ribbon trim. I think this is a "posh" outfit and I can not wait for my little girl to wear it to church this weekend!!!


The Turner's said...

Those crowns were a great choice for your little princess! So cute and fun! Can't wait to see her in it!

Anonymous said...

I totally love this... it's right up there with the strawberries as being my favorite!! ~Tracy

Mom/Dad Owens said...

That color combination sure lets the smocking show up good.

tcmoniz said...

I LOVE THIS!! Make a note of the crowns, please? One of these days, I am going to commission a dress for Nevaeh, and I want those crowns! :)