Friday, March 14, 2008

Recycle Old Christmas Cards into Crochet Embellished Ornaments

My mom used to make these when I was a kid so the pattern and idea were from her.

You take all of your old Christmas cards and cut a circle out of the pretty part (I used a drinking glass for the circle so I could "see through" to get just the picture I wanted). You'll need two circles of the same size to make an ornament.

I used a little bit of glue stick to hold them together while I hole punched all the way around. Make sure you have them both oriented the same way -- you know, head up and feet down...

Then using that thin cotton thread, Starting at the top of the ornament, I double crocheted three times in each hole for the first round...thn chained like 6 times for each loop on the second round grabbing the space between the 3 dc clusters with a single crochet -- At the end I chained like 20 or 30 times and joined back to the beginning stitches to create the loop you hang the ornament by.

After all of the crochet is finished, you mix a little white elmer's glue with water and just dab on a little with your fingers on the crocheted area to stiffen it up a little bit -- shape and let dry.

This ornament will be two sided so you won't have a "back". I made these for everyone on my "good" list last year...

Email me if you have any could really get elaborate with the lacy design around the edges, but I had to make a LOT of these so I just did the two rounds.

Another note, when my mom made them years ago, she changed colors on each round (white, green, red) but I chose all white for mine.

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