Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ready to Smock Sz 6 Top

I am pairing this top with a pair of pink with black polka dot capri pants and smocking the shirt in a geometric pink -- haven't picked a pattern/plate to smock on it yet -- any suggestions?

I also am thinking of adding some hot pink fringe to the top somewhere and some black fringe somewhere on the pants -- won't this be CUTE!?!

This pattern is actually a "Pinafore" pattern by Grace Knott (thanks kim!), I just didn't add the angel sleeve part. It has no buttons, elastic, zippers, but has quite a bit of hand sewing -- so the pattern is simple, but not fast. The front and back are identical so it just slips over the head - fits nice and loosely on my 6 1/2 year old -- I hemmed it to just below the butt to show off the capris (which I haven't even started on yet.) This pattern is very similar to the pattern called "Amy" by Children's corner...but not exactly the same.

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Mom/Dad Owens said...

That will be a striking combination of colors. I wish I could wear the clothes you make for the girls and be as cute as they are in them.