Monday, March 31, 2008

Cheetah Girls 3 tiered Skirt

Simplicity 4206

I used the skirt and the shorts out of this pattern envelope to make this skirt. I assembled the shorts and separately assembled the skirt, both all the way until they wanted you to create the waist elastic casing -- then sewed them together at the waist, created a casing and inserted the elastic, closed it up and viola, I have a true skirt with shorts on the inside.
I think this will not work for just any skirt/shorts pattern, they have to the exactly the same size around the waist to be able to sew them together (or you could use a knit and stretch it to make it work!).

This was a fun cheetah Girls fabric from my friend Tracy -- I have just enough fabric left to make the sleeves of the shirt in this same pattern envelope (view B) but I want to choose just the right fabric for the bodice -- something funky...It may take me a while to find just the right thing to make this shirt, but the skirt turned out awesome!


The Turner's said...

So cute and girly! I love the layers on the skirt! I want one like this for myself....except maybe not cheeta girls!

Anonymous said...

AHH!! I LOVE what you did with that! ~Tracy

Mom/Dad Owens said...

They'll love that full skirt and not have to worry about showing underneath.