Saturday, November 15, 2008

Turkey Game

My sister gave me this fun idea -- you make several turkeys with construction paper, google eyes, and a slice of a toilet paper or paper towel roll, then make the game board with a lane for each turkey - each turkey is assigned a number on the dice and roll the dice and if you roll your number then you move up one - first turkey to the end is the winner -- a kid could actually play this by themselves...We colored our lanes to match our turkeys.
If you could make a dice that had the colors on it that would be even better, but we were too excited to try it out to wait -- black & orange turkey won the first 2 games!


Mom/Dad Owens said...

Bring it Thanksgiving I want to play. I bet my Turkey will fly to the winning spot.

Mom/Dad Owens said...

It was a perfect game for all ages, loved playing it.