Monday, November 5, 2007

Wacky Ribbon Pants

I'm really happy with how these cuties turned out! I started with a pair of hand-me-down jeans that must have been too long because the entire bottom hem was ripped off in the back...I, the thrifty mom that I am, held on to them waiting for just the right treatment to be able to still use them...Saw this idea on Ebay.

First cut off the jeans in the desired length. Serge or zig zag that edge to prevent fraying. Then you apply the ribbon that is the polka dotted one in my photo. You only sew the top edge of the ribbon and just line up the bottom edge of the ribbon with the serged edge of the jeans. Then you have various widths and colors of grosgrain ribbons in about a 3 inch length. I take a lighter and slightly melt the edges to seal them so they will look forever new even with repeated laundering. Now, you sew the bottom edge of the polka dot ribbon to the bottom edge of the jeans and as you go, you insert the ribbon pieces between the polka dot ribbon and the jeans -- that's it...aren't these fun? I have also seen these made with ribbon loops instead of the short strips, but I think this is easier and cuter!

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Mom/Dad Owens said...

I bet she loves wearing these. Everyone would have their favorite color on these pants.