Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Plaid Sisters and Brother Set

Click on the picture for an up close view of that monogramming!

Believe it or not, I started these after church on Sunday when a lady gave me an idea that she wanted me to make for her son and two daughters for Christmas...I think they turned out really well.

The A-Line dresses have a piece of black grosgrain running straight down and across the dress and where the meet I put a double bow with a button in the center that matches the buttons on the shoulders. They have french side seams because it is not worth the hour it would take to change the white thread on the serger out to black -- so they are really well finished inside too. They are size 8 and size 6.

The little Jon Jon is completely reversable and the inside will match his big sisters for Christmas then once the season has passed, he has a monogrammed jon jon to wear the rest of the year. At least as long as he fits this size 2! I applique/embroidered the little red beetle on the green side -- the red, silver and black areas are actually fabric appliqued on with the embroidery design -- the black is satin, the red is plan broadcloth, and the silver is a piece of that belt from my Halloween costume -- now you know why I love saving fabric scraps = you never know when you will need that little piece of silver!

I will be using this idea again with the ribbon on the dresses -- kinda makes it look like a wrapped present doesn't it?


The Turner's said...

I really like that black grosgrain ribbon. They do look like little gift-wrapped dresses! TOO cute!

Mom/Dad Owens said...

That is going to be one good looking family in those outfits, I bet everyone will rave about how cute they are.

Jodi said...

Hi Jnet - do you mind sharing what pattern you used for the a-line & jon jon? My mom is hoping to knock a few of these out for my son and niece for Christmas, but our jon jon pattern isn't reversible - would love to find a good one that is!
(my husband knew michelle turner in college)