Friday, December 12, 2008

Toile Apron

My grandmother (in the nursing home) wanted me to make several aprons that she could give to some of her caretakers for Christmas. I wanted them to be classy so black & white tiole is perfect! I made the tie long (like 90 inches tip to tip) so it can have a pretty bow in the back. I didn't know the size of the ladies so I made the apron part 28 inches across so for a "normal" (and I use this word at my own risk!) sized person like me, it goes to the back and your sides are covered...but if any of the ladies are "plus" sized it will be substantial to cover their front -- I hope that none of them is more than 28 inches across the front
I did it with no pattern in less than an hour...I still have a couple more to make so off I go, so much to do before Dec 25th!!!


The Turner's said...

Very classy. I agree that the fabric choice really makes it nice.

tcmoniz said...

I *love* block toile - I have a handbag made from it, with some of that sassy trim, and I love it!

Aunt Molly will love them!

Mom/Dad Owens said...

I know your Grandmother will be proud to give these presents away and say you made them.