Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cutie Pies

I made these (ready to smock) pink tops and bloomers in stripe for the baby, and the capris for the big sister for a wedding party, their mom smocked them herself and it was her first time trying smocking - I think she did a great job and the girls were beautiful.

I made these blue angel sleeve bishops for these beauties so they would steal the show at a wedding recently -- aren't they beautiful models!? They have a brother who was wearing a jon jon (shortall) too, but I think he didn't want to be in the pic...What beautiful girls!


Jodi said...

Hi - I'm a friend of Michelle's, which is how I found your blog - if you get a chance, could you tell me what pattern you're using for your jon jon (I saw the one for Aidan that's reversible)? My mom and I have been looking for a good one to use for my little guy and I liked the looks of the one you used! Also, can you recommend a good EASY shorts pattern for little boys? I don't sew much, but might could conquer that...the jon jon would be up to my mom! :) Thanks so much - I love checking out your stuff! You're so talented!

Jodi said...

sorry - I meant to leave my email address earlier and obviously had a brain-dead moment!
jodi (at) visionmasonryllc (dot) com

Jnet said...


The pattern I use with a “rounded” armpit area is better if you aren’t doing a smocked insert and it is McCall’s 2033 – It looks good with or without a shirt underneath. This is the one I used for Aiden. There is an alteration to this one though, if you sew at all you’ll understand what I am talking about – if you don’t then skip all this because I’ll be talking greek to you…The pattern calls for you to do a “facing” around the top of this jon jon/shortall and what I do instead is skip those two pieces and just make an two entire separate jon jons, without the facing, leave the bottom leg areas unsewn and then take the two and sew them together around the entire top to create a completely lined/reversable jon jon instead of that facing.

The pattern I used for the jon jon/shortall with the “square” armpit area is Vogue 7504, it is intended for a smocked insert, and I think you almost have to put a shirt underneath for it to look good. When I use this pattern for a non-smocked item, I just create two linings and forgo the inserted area and it will be fully lined/reversible.

Shorts…I just pick up any pattern in my collection that has an elastic waistband all the way around and use it…Honestly, I use girl patterns (recently I used New Look 6473 and McCall’s 5036) for shorts even when I make them for a boy – don’t be scared to make shorts, I can whip up a pair in about 30 minutes…they are a quick and rewarding project…one thing to make them better is to always use 3/4 inch elastic instead of ½ inch – they will fit better and always put a little ribbon tag in the back seam when you sew the elastic waistband pocket so you can easily tell the front from the back of the shorts. Go to Walmart, check that “New Look” pattern display and pick a pattern for shorts that says “easy” on the envelope and you’ll be in business…I hope you have a great experience – don’t give up if the first ones don’t turn out right – you’ll get it!

Happy Sewing!

Jnet said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I usually add some length to the legs of shorts patterns as they are usually too short for my taste – an inch or two, you can always cut it off later, but you can’t make them longer!