Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Friend Dress & Doll's Dress

I made this matching set for my daughter's best friend for her birthday -- they both love their American Girl dolls so I took her friend to the store and let her pick her own fabric out and assembled a dress for her and her doll...she is going to be so excited. This fabric has a layer of glitter in it so it is fancy

Here's the kicker, I secretly make the exact same set for my daughter for her birthday (next month), and she will be so excited to get them as she was watching me make this one for her friend and said "I wish you would make one like that for me mommy"

Girl's Dress Pattern: New Look 6195 View B

Doll's Dress Pattern: McCall's 5554 View C


Anonymous said...

Don't you love that pattern! We have that exact fabric, too. I made that dress for Anabelle, but I crossed the back straps (like a swimsuit). It was the first time I tried that and I don't think I'll do it any other way! I finally have "the day off" today, so I'm going to do those purses. It took everything for Patricia not to blab the BIG SECRET yesterday! So exciting!! You are truly a dear friend! ~Tracy

Jnet said...

I always put the straps closer together than the pattern calls for (it keeps them from slipping off of their shoulders) but I don't know why it never crossed my mind to cross them...You're the best Tracy!

Jnet said...

She LOVED them and even wore it to church yesterday (we go to church together). Her doll came to church with her too and looked fab! I'll keep using this pattern until it doesn't fit anymore! Then I think I'll alter it and keep using it.