Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hot Pink & Orange Cheetah Outfits!

My girls and I will look good hitting the town in these cute outfits won't we? I made myself the skirt which hits about mid calf from Simplicity 4599 View C. I haven't got any hot pink zippers in my home collection so I hope to pick one up today while I am out so I can see if the thing will even fit...

My girls have sundresses from New Look 6195 view B. My youngest stays home with me so hers is finished, but her big sister is at school today so I have to wait for her to come home today to get the elastic and straps fitted to her.

I am excited about these! My friend Beth said "I have some fabric I found while cleaning out my house" and she wanted to know if I wanted it...I definitely did and knew it would be cute in just the right application!

Please help me decide what color shirt I should wear with this skirt...Maybe I'll post some options.


The Turner's said...

Very, very cool!

I think I'd try pink. I can't see the orange that well. Maybe the darker pink that borders the orange spots?

tcmoniz said...

Yep - agree with Michelle - a darker pink would be good. White always works and black might go as well. :) They are really cute!!