Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cannas Multiplying & Decapitated Rose

Here is a quick pic of the Canna I received from a cousin. I got one last year and planted it and look how many came up this year! I will be able to divide and share next year I bet! Doesn't it have a pretty leaf with those zebra stripes on them?

On another sadder note, my rose bush I was so excited about, my Jackson and Perkins Princess Di Rose, has now been completely decapitated...the deer ate every single budding bloom off of it!!! You can see how healthy it is, but every one of these stems had a bud and, sigh, they are now all gone! Daddy needs to do a little hunting!


Mom/Dad Owens said...

It will probably bloom even prettier in a few weeks!

tcmoniz said...

It will come back - even better! Dead-heading is good for them! :) Your cannas are pretty!