Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pink and White Ready to Smock Daygowns

The white one of these is up for grabs. It is the same gown you see below in blue and purple checks, but these are solid colored and have a pleated long sleeve. 5 Buttons on the back -- made from poly/cotton broadcloth. Long sleeves have 4 rows pleated near the cuff. $20 for the white one.


tcmoniz said...

Hey - what size are these? My MIL and I were talking about your dresses today with Nevaeh in mind... (my great-niece) :)

Jnet said...

Pattern size is Newborn through 18 pounds...I'll smock it for you if you want me to, but it is pretty easy to smock -- I personally learned how to smock from a website = though I don't remember which one!

Let me know if you want me to smock a dress for you, It is the least I can do after that box of treats you sent me!!!