Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Really do need help

Not with sewing this time, but with my addiction. I admit that I am a fabricaholic - I love to have it, look at it, sort it, buy it, but Walmart is my supplier of my drug. The lady stopped me this week and told me that the signs aren't up, but that all of it is 50% off -- ALL THE FABRIC IS 50% OFF!!! just in case you didn't hear me people -- The bad news is that they will be eliminating that department eventually...when it all runs out. Of course I went crazy buying a TON of fabrics (thank goodness with my husband's blessing)

Here are my finds:


The Turner's said...

At least you get to stock up on some fun, affordable fabric before you lose your store! Some really cute finds there!

tcmoniz said...

What a great haul!! My MIL has been on the lookout for Xmas fabric - which means, I am on the lookout too... ;)