Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Toile Sundress Size 6 Finished

They can't all be your favorite right? I absolutely LOVE this sundress pattern, but I really think the smocking needed to be a little more complicated, I am hoping that the area in the middle that isn't smocked will become an area of "rouching" after laundering it. That was my goal, but right now when I look at it, it just looks like I forgot to smock that area...maybe I can still fill it in with more waves? Any suggestions out there to save this one?

Well, it was the first time for this pattern and I will definitely be making more of them, my daughter loves it. The back and front are identical on the entire dress...if you get a stain on the front, you can just turn it around I guess...She is going to feel beautiful in this one.

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Jnet said...

I got a good idea from a fellow smocker that may help me make this one a little more finished -- I'll post a photo after I finish...thanks for the idea Renee.