Saturday, February 9, 2008

Thanks Madison -- Barbie Skirts

I had to shorten the Madison's ALine Dress by 4 inches after she tried it on-- -- and couldn't bring myself to throw away the bottom 3 inches of that dress because that trim was too cute -- Today, my youngest (crafter in training) saw the strip I had cut off and asked me to make a barbie skirt out of it -- I made 4 -- She wears one as a "boob tube" and the other as a skirt to make a "layer dress" she named it -- so both of my daughters got a new outfit for a barbie -- aren't they stylin? All I did was fold down the top of the "skirt" and then stretch a piece of 1/4 inch elastic as far as it would streach and sew directly to the top to create a waist and then measure it on Barbie's waist and stitch the back seam...took about 5 min...they are pleased.

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tcmoniz said...

Barbie has never been so fashionable! :)