Saturday, November 26, 2011

American Girl Bikinis (Crochet)

My eldest daughter made the mostly purple ones, my youngest made the white set trimmed in blue, and I made the white set trimmed in purple. The little crochet flower is my favorite part. We made up the bottoms, and the tops are an alteration of the halter top pattern we've made before.


G'ma Owens said...

These are so cute and you need to make your own outfits after I went to the American Girl store this week and most outfits are 30 dollars!

G'ma Owens said...

OMG! I didn't realize the little girls crocheted these! I am so impressed. I didn't learn to crochet until I was in my last 20's but I have loved it since then and almost always have something going. Right now it is a baby blanket that uses ONE of the pounder skeins.