Sunday, November 22, 2009

Striped Christmas Skirts

These Christmas skirts are too cute! I started by measuring my daughters' waists and then added about 10-14 inches to that measurement to know the width of the skirt. I then measured from their waist to their knees to get the length. No pattern, just a straight skirt with a waistband. The black trim is that eyelash crochet thread -- I just made a chain stitch and zig zagged it onto the seam area where I joined the ruffle. I LOVE these and wish I were quirky enough to pull one off myself!

I think they will look good with any black, white, red, or green shirt they have already in the closet.

Well, now that that it out of my system, I guess I'll have to work on work stuff a while. bah humbug, just when I started having fun.


The Turner's said...

Super cute! Can't wait to see them in these. Bet you're looking forward to the holidays more this year than last.

G'ma/G'pa Owens said...

Great color mix.