Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Favorite Jeans Purse

I took my most favorite jeans in the whole world -- I'm talking about a pair of Levi's that I have been wearing since the mid 1990's and they finally got that hole beside the back pocket and I still wore them until my kids said they knew what color underwear I was wearing...they are officially retired as jeans, but I came up with this purse so they can live on -- I cut the pocket and delicately worked the tag off of them and made the purse from the bigger piece of fabric right under your behind then sewed the pocket and tag back onto the purse. I made some little loops with the seam that runs down the length of the leg and sewed them to the top edge of the purse and tied this fun grosgrain ribbon on for the handles -- I can't wait to use it! I actually don't have to say goodbye to them ... a happy ending to what could have been a sad story!


The Turner's said...

What a fun use for your favorite jeans! And what a fun ribbon!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you - I love this idea and how it turned out! I had a favorite pair of denim shorts, but I think I wore them too death! ;)